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wellness, and longevity firm's
8 figure growth.

Get an AI-adapted fractional dream team with a twist...

multifaceted maven™

We reinvented the growth model.

An integrated C & V-Suite of AI-First Thinker-Doers for the same investment as one key leadership hire.

As leaders and business and implementation services consultants, we achieve amazing results in compressed and well-defined Quests.*


Review plans. Subscribe. Wonder why you didn't start sooner.


Meet your dream team. Explore the benefits, services, goals, and value.

Design & Deliver

Greenlight plans, bespoke solutions, Quests, success metrics, and...

Watch the results unfold in real-time with a personalized AI-enhanced growth platform.

Skills & economics aligned. Accelerated Speed, Results, and ROI.

The main reason high-growth companies fail is not having the right team at the right time.

We fill the gaps of several full-time C & V - suite hires with a fractional AI-First and AI-adaptive business and consulting services team at a flat monthly fee.

Make Waves

Scaling a company isn't easy. You need to optimize economics, get access to your ideal customer decision-makers, and increase revenue and profitability.You’ve budgeted enough to hire your next full-time leader but need a team with trusted relationships, AI-adapted specialization, and a track record.You're not alone; countless early-stage companies face these same challenges.Small fish? Large pond?Let's make waves.

AI Ahead

AI is compressing skill stacks and expanding productivity and creativity in ways that most don't yet realize.The world's knowledge is free.Like all massive technological changes AI represents a profound opportunity and a potential threat if you fall behind.What 20+ people accomplished a year ago, can now be done with 2-3 people armed with the right AI skills.Execution skills remain constant. Doers rule.Stay a step ahead.

Venture Studio

Venture capital and angel investment in healthcare and wellness were cut in half in 2023.Except for the longevity space, 2024 looks like another down year.Companies getting funded have:1- Investor's trust,
2- Customer traction,
3- Market - product fit and,
4- A clear path to profitability.
Accelerate all four and help attain funding through our Venture Studio relationships.

It's all about Personalized Results and the Experience

Nice things 96.4% of our clients say...

Nolan B - CFO

" The LargePond team is incredible to work with. My company was stuck. They got us in front of new clients, cut our COS by 72%, and helped integrate AI into our product."

Carisha K - CEO

" My advice is simple. If you're an early-growth company work with LargePond. Their team will help you navigate around the land mines and accelerate growth."

Philip S - CEO

"LargePond's CRO team is my go-to for anything and everything related to healthcare, wellness, and the new longevity space. Their use of AI is a game changer."


Results you'll




Get answers and guidance that AI struggles with.Unlimited Text, Talk, email.

Month-to-month. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

PRO | Popular


One Quest at a time.Up to two Chief Results Officers (CROs) and consultants.Hard problem solved.

Quest-to-Quest. Pause or Cancel post Quest.

Pro Plus **


Two or more Quests at a time.Add a custom mix of CROs.More problems are solved with increased speed and value.

** Dynamic Fee-Based.

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Optimal and Predictable: Speed, Quality, Experience, Economics & Results.

We provide the synergy of fractional business and consulting services teams, AI mastery, and...

  • Cost Savings of 25-50%

  • Proven C Suite Experience

  • Integrated V & D Suite Implementation

  • Access to Ideal Customers & Venture Partners

  • Guaranteed Outcomes

In the ever-evolving business landscape, fractional teams and AI expertise emerge as a powerhouse strategy.When you're ready, harness the transformative power of our AI-adapted fractional team.